Information on helium and on items for rent

If you want a balloon to float in the air, you will have to fill it with helium.
Helium is lighter than air, and easy to use.
It is inflammable, non toxic en non explosive – so helium is safe!
Just don’t inhale it!

Helium is available in steel bottles, please contact a local gas depot.
Bottles come in various measures of capacities.
Please note that this gas is scarce and therefore not cheap!
We can also deliver it for you at your chosen venue.

Transporting helium
Bottles of helium should be transported in a well aired, separated cargo space.
And please, take care to fix them well in your car or van!

Floating time
A balloon filled with helium will float for 3 or 4 days.

Items for rent
Some of the items in stock can be rented for one or several days.
You can come and pick them up (we would prefer that!), or we can send them to you.

Renting: € 50,00 / day
We kindly ask you to pay a deposit, at the amount of the item’s price.

We check the condition of the item on return. In case of normal use, we refund the deposit!

Earth as seen from space
World globe
All round balloons without logo
Football (a white balloon printed with black patches)
Heart-shaped balloon with logo I love you
Walking on water balloon
Dancing in a bubble balloon
Blower or balloon pump can be rented (deposit required).