Letters and numerals

Big, inflatable letters and numbers, made of mylar foil, in gold and silver.

Easy to use for decoration: the inflatable letters allow you to compose any word, the numerals to form any number. When inflated, the characters are 100 cm (40 inches) tall.

These inflatable characters are made of a special kind of nylon, invented for aviation, and they are therefore very light and airtight. That is why characters filled with air or helium will last for one, even two weeks, and you can use them again.
Letters and numerals are often used at parties, events and jubilees or birthdays.

To order
Just send us an e-mail, and tell us what letters and / or numerals you would want. Or order via www.bubblexl.com.

Price per letter / numeral € 6,50 (including € 1,13 vat)

The characters will be sent to you by mail, you will be charged € 6,75 shipping costs.

No shipping costs will be charged, if you order more than 10 characters! (only within the Netherlands)

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